'Big Team Challenge' - Route 66 - Leaderboard results to date


May 2021

The Big Team Challenge is designed for everyone, regardless of physical ability, age, geography or computer literacy.

Mason Advisory are taking part in  ‘The Big Team Challenge‘!  The teams have been split into teams of six and are aiming to get their kicks by virtually walking, running or cycling all 3617 km of Route 66 in twelve weeks.

BIG NEWS today – ‘Walking with Watkins’ have done it! They’re there! In Santa Monica – the first team to make it past the post in record time. Well done guys, but uh…….guys? Guys? They’re not stopping? They’ve carried on, they’re in the……sea? Next stop…..Japan! Good luck, Team Watkins, we salute you!

Now the race is on for second place, I wonder how the race will look over the next few weeks?  Stay up to date via our social media.

The Big Team Challenge has been a great virtual team event, especially during lockdown, and the team have been a lot more active since the start of the challenge.  Wonder if it’s because they just want to get fit, they’re very competitive or just enjoying the challenge 😉.

Route 66 is the quintessential embodiment of the road and all its greatest promises: freedom and serendipity, kitsch and living history, and it gave rise to new towns and new industries as Americans travelled west towards a better life.  :Let’s hope the Mason Advisory teams can re-create this experience in the UK, whilst maintaining a healthy social distance and not leaving their local area.

Have you guessed who the team captains are?

Keep up the great work everyone!