A sustainable ICT strategy for the government of Lesotho

Working closely with the government of an entire nation to completely revitalise their approach to, and spending in, ICT.

Improvements in ICT were a key feature of the government of Lesotho’s annual National Development Plan setting out key areas of government in the coming year. Within the report, the Ministry stressed the need to understand the government’s ICT landscape up to that point, including underpinning technologies, applications, skill sets and support resources. Ultimately, it needed a comprehensive ICT strategy to enable the appropriate budgeting of ICT as well as the adoption of best practice ICT management – a document which we were trusted to provide.

Key Fact 1

We consulted 25 individual departments and agencies in this project to accurately assess ICT usage across government and inform our final ICT strategy

Our high-level, independent ICT review began by investigating the current state of affairs across a representative sample of government departments. This process included carefully recording the details of the existing systems in use, researching the issues faced by the user community with respect to the current system, as well as identifying factors that were suppressing the effective use of ICT across government.

In addition, we undertook a high-level audit of email systems, applications and infrastructure, including data centres, WAN, PC and server estate and the telephony infrastructure, as well as assessing the ability to exchange data between ministries and deliver e-government services. From this, we were able to provide high-level, strategic recommendations for a deliverable and sustainable ICT strategy for the government of Lesotho.

The strategy that we provided included the following elements:

  • a revised ICT structure
  • a proposal for a new central entity solely responsible for organising government ICT
  • anticipated staffing requirements to deliver our strategy
  • an estimated budget
  • an implementation plan/roadmap.

A critical recommendation within our strategy was the creation of a wholly new Office of Technology within Lesotho’s government, with budget and organisational structure proposals to back up the suggestion’s viability.

Our efforts were warmly and graciously received, and our recommendations were embraced as a pragmatic route forward for the country.

Key Facts

Effectively implemented and managed ICT is expected to boost economic growth and reduce poverty for Lesotho’s 2.2 million inhabitants

Operating Model & Organisation Design
Designed To:
  • Ensure that the government operates efficiently and effectively for the people they serve
  • Enable the appropriate budgeting of government ICT
  • Enable the adoption of best practice ICT management throughout Lesotho’s government

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