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Accelerated Adoption of Future-Ready ITSM Tool for a UK leading luxury leather goods designer and manufacturer

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The prominent UK luxury leather goods designer and manufacturer implements eco-friendly practices, sourcing leather from environmentally accredited suppliers in a very high percentage of their collection, contributing to a greener and sustainable fashion industry.

Our client is a large designer and manufacturer of luxury leather goods, with a strong international presence and major offices in Europe, Asia, and the US.


Our client had a clear vision to deliver significant additional business growth over a 3–5-year period. A central pillar of this was our client’s digital transformation agenda, including improvement to the maturity of their IT Service Management capability. The outcomes of this improved capability would enable a robust IT service operation that is future ready.

Fundamental to this was the identification and sourcing of an IT Service Management (ITSM) tool that would meet our client’s requirements to allow the business to sustainably scale throughout the expected growth trajectory. As such, our client requested assistance from Mason Advisory in sourcing a strategic ITSM tool to underpin effective IT Service Management.


Over a 16-week period, Mason Advisory provided a team of subject matter experts (SME) to work alongside our client’s functional leads and team members. To set successful foundations and ensure right-sourcing first time, the SME and delivery teams worked seamlessly together to obtain a detailed understanding of their current ITSM tooling capability, future requirements, and mapped the journey of how this would be achieved effectively. Using our Mason Advisory tool sourcing framework, we collaboratively conducted a short series of workshops to identify functional, non-functional, and technical requirements in detail and at pace. These requirements were then prioritised, aligning to business objectives, and expected tangible outcomes. With clarity on ambitions and requirements, we were able to conduct a rapid yet detailed market scan of best fit ITSM tools available for our client, resulting in a long list of 12 candidate vendors identified.

Our client’s teams used the market-scan outputs to short list seven candidate vendors who were invited to engage in a Request for Proposal (RFP) process through an initial Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ). To support the vendor down-selection process, Mason Advisory organised face-to-face ITSM product demonstrations and reviews to give in-depth perspective to the options available, this enabled a response evaluation which was entirely impartial to inform strategic decision making.

Business needs meant that the timescales had to be ambitious, but with our experience and industry knowledge we were able to apply a rigorous structure to achieve the full selection process of requirements gathering, rapid market scan, PQQ, RFP, vendor demonstrations and right-sourcing vendor selection.

To support the tool selection process by providing critical insight into IT Service Management maturity, we delivered our successful IT Service Management Fundamentals training to compliment ambitions set out by our client. We provided an understanding of how ITSM can work beyond the structure and terminology ITIL provides, bringing to life what ITSM can do to transform how IT is delivered, consumed, managed, and improved.


This rapid sourcing project resulted in a final evaluation and unanimous agreement by our client’s functional leads on which ITSM tool best fit their needs. We were able to support the timescale negotiations for tool delivery which were confirmed at the end of the project, leaving our client with clear expectations for implementation of a new, cost-effective IT Service Management solution that has the capability to support their future growth.

The breadth and depth of our sourcing approach allowed us to challenge pre-determined assumptions and helped ensure right-sourcing first time for our client. It also left our client with a lasting legacy of staff educated in the fundamentals of ITSM, fully preparing them for the growth journey ahead.

“Mason Advisory have a wealth of experience within their field of practice and provide useful and valuable support. Undertaking an RFP process to select a new ITSM platform benefitted from Mason Advisory experience of the market and relationships with vendors. We had a challenging short timeframe to complete the project, and though we did extend this, managed to expedite all activities to a successful completion with Mason Advisory support and determination.“

Change Manager, A UK luxury leather goods designer and manufacturer

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