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Helping a global healthcare organisation enhance its services to customers through strategic digital acquisitions

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By 2030, the global digital healthcare market is expected to grow to $1.5 trillion, representing a prime opportunity for healthcare companies to expand through digital services.

Every year, our global healthcare organisation client supports leading independent retailers to supply medicines and patient services to millions of customers. Recently, our client has sought to grow its portfolio through the strategic acquisition of new technology platforms to enhance its offerings and align its services to the needs of patients.  


Having identified an opportunity for significant expansion into the digital healthcare sector through the acquisition of new technology, our client’s board wanted us to conduct a full due diligence exercise on two prospective vendors to provide assurance across all elements of platform architecture, stability, and scalability. They also needed a perspective across people, process, and technology – both current and future. 


Our delivery team comprised experts in enterprise architecture, commercial and operational assurance, transition services planning and DevOps & operating model design. Their assessment of each vendor’s IT, architecture, and integration ecosystem, plus the associated organisational and support structures, furnished our view on what the roadmap might look like for progressing the acquisitions, embedding the platforms into our client’s ecosystem, and the commercial, legal, and regulatory due diligence issues to be considered. 

This illustrative roadmap gave our client a holistic view of each vendor’s strengths, and how the acquisitions might align to their growth strategy. We demonstrated what the process of integrating the vendor’s capabilities might look like, underpinning those insights with indicative parameters around likely costs, risks, and benefits, and detailing options for future transformation. We also highlighted areas of risk that required attention – both from a transitional and operational standpoint.  


Our client has propelled its growth in the digital healthcare space having already completed one highly successful acquisition and is poised to make a confident decision on the second. Now equipped with a due diligence blueprint, they will be able to move quickly and confidently when further opportunities are identified. 

We are delighted that our due diligence work has underpinned a successful acquisition that represents a significant digital growth opportunity for our client. We are also pleased to know that our client is armed with the insights needed to make decisions on further acquisition opportunities now and in the future.

Bharat Choragudi, Managing Consultant, Mason Advisory 

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