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Data Centre Migration

Managing a data centre migration for a global payroll and HR systems provider

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The data centre programme aimed to reduce total cost of ownership by around 30%, delivering a global, virtualised service

Providing project management expertise to transform data centre services


Our client was investing in a new data centre to support its payroll and HR systems, and had already selected a new provider and given notice to the incumbent. This left it with a challenging timeframe – less than six months – for the full migration. The client was also trying to manage the costs of this major programme, while struggling to release experienced resource from their business-as-usual activities. This meant the programme needed to be managed tightly and efficiently, and Mason Advisory was called on to provide the leadership required.


We adopted a carefully phased approach to the migration which minimised risk through the optimal use of resources (avoiding conflicts and overlapping demands), and by providing sufficient time for thorough testing and acceptance of systems prior to cutover. It was critical that we managed the communications both externally and internally, ensuring buy-in from key customers (who were required to approve the plan) and achieving co-ordination across a globally distributed programme team.

In order to keep the programme on track, a ‘fix forward’ approach was adopted to resolving issues. This, along with intense focus and strong leadership, helped to deliver the ambitious migration plan.


We led the first half of the migration, handing back to the in-house team only once the necessary structure and controls were bedded in.

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