Working with a large enterprise to reduce costs and enhance collaboration

Helping a large corporation identify cost savings and supporting the transformation of enterprise voice services.

A large multinational enterprise was seeking to identify cost saving opportunities in its UK operations. Its fixed voice services were considered expensive with limited transformation in recent years, so Mason Advisory was engaged to identify cost savings, advise on strategic decisions moving forward, and assess the impact of current and future transformation activities on the cost profile.

Working closely with the client team, we collated the relevant data to develop a holistic view of voice service costs including invoices, telecoms expense management outputs, contracts, and service management costs. We also undertook a review of communication and collaboration transformation activities such as the transition to a new open-plan work environment and extensive use of Skype for Business globally. Our team undertook an analysis of costs and performed high-level benchmarking of the client’s services against peer organisations. Once a comprehensive view of the existing position was developed, we organised several scenario-testing workshops to develop cost profiles, usage patterns and savings options based on potential and planned changes. Additionally, we conducted a business risk and impact assessment to inform the strategic direction.

Findings on savings opportunities and the risk assessment were presented to the global IT infrastructure team and a high-level summary was presented to the IT leadership team.

We were involved in helping the client to identify cost saving opportunities of more than 30% across all enterprise voice services in the UK.

Using our findings and recommendations, the company embarked on the transformation of its voice services. This included optimising its current services in the short term and consolidating services to provide enhanced, cost-effective and agile collaboration to its employees. It expects to cut its operating costs by up to USD10 million over three years. With this proven framework, Mason Advisory was commissioned to undertake similar reviews across other key operating countries across the globe.

Key Facts

We identified cost saving opportunities of 30% for the UK operations of this multinational business

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Designed To:
  • Identify cost savings opportunities in the UK
  • Support the enterprise voice transformation strategy
  • Provide a framework for global savings and transformation

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