Explore our insight series on sustainability, AI, cybersecurity and the specific challenges across supply chain industries


August 2023

Supply Chains are at the forefront of technology innovation, being among the first adopters of AI, robotics, blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT) to streamline operations, enhance visibility, and improve efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Across Supply Chain industries such as Retail, FMCG, Logistics and Distribution, the challenge of becoming more ethical and sustainable whilst meeting ever-demanding consumer expectations continues to grow in scale and complexity. Technologies, data, and their effective use have made ground-breaking improvements to the customer and colleague experience, but ensuring effective cyber security operations and remaining competitive are more strategically imperative than ever before.

At Mason Advisory, we draw on our direct experience across these industries to help our clients adopt intelligent transformation strategies across their digital ecosystems, tackle the issues head-on, and drive success for their organisations.

In this series of insight articles covering Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security, we take a deep dive into the specific challenges impacting these industries, and how to solve them.

Insight article 1: Sustainability in supply chains: trends, impacts, and collaborative Solutions

With both customers and regulatory bodies demanding growing accountability from retailers and their supply chains, the need to understand and improve sustainability is greater than ever before. With a substantial footprint due to the nature of the business, as well as the potentially global environmental impact of supply chain disruption, we explore key sustainability trends to be aware of and the impact on Supply Chain businesses.

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Insight 2: Artificial Intelligence in action – revolutionising supply chain business processes

Ground-breaking tech such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT has recently rocked AI innovation. But, in fact, leading Retail and Supply Chain businesses have beenstrategically investing in, and implementing, game-changing AI solutions for years. From using AI to improve inform inventory and sales decisions, to machine learning and IoT device implementation for a deeper understanding of trends, the scope for AI applications across the supply chain are endless. In this article, we explore some exciting, and practical examples of AI in action – and the key issues and opportunities your organisation needs to be aware of.

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Insight 3: Safeguarding supply chains: the imperative of cybersecurity

The consequences of supply chain disruptions at any level are significant. Whether it be impacting sales, actual supply, or negative effects on customers’ and colleagues’ confidence, the fallout of cyber-attacks on supply chains cannot be underestimated. In this article, we delve into some of the most notorious cases of disruption, the lessons learned, and the business-critical considerations that all organisations must bear in mind.

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By focusing on these three key business challenges (sustainability, Artificial Intelligence and safeguarding through cyber security) Supply Chain professionals can position their organisations for success in an increasingly competitive and complex marketplace.

Embracing technological advancements, adopting sustainable practices, and fortifying security measures will not only optimise operations but also contribute to long-term growth, customer satisfaction, and a more resilient supply chain ecosystem. As the industry continues to evolve, keeping these key takeaways at the forefront of strategy and operations will be vital to maintain a competitive edge and embrace the opportunities of the future.

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