Graeme Park: 'Crafting Smarter Security Strategy in 2018'


December 2017

Graeme Park will joining the webinar panel on 'Crafting Smarter Security Strategy in 2018' - 16 Jan 2018

Graeme Park, Senior Cybersecurity Consultant will be joining the webinar panel titled ‘Crafting Smarter Security Strategy in 2018‘ which is run by BrightTALK.  The webinar will take place 16 January 2018 @ 1:00pm.

Join this panel of top industry experts as they discuss:

  • Why businesses should put cybersecurity a key priority in 2018
  • Key factors to consider when crafting your security strategy
  • How to prevent breaches, detect them faster and launch an appropriate response
  • Recommendations for CISO’s and CIO’s

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