In the Information Age, Defence relies on IT change and technology to protect the UK. Our Defence-specific expertise delivers sustainable, cost-efficient transformation at scale in this uniquely complex environment, where failure is not an option.

Technology transformation to support the Integrated Force of the future

Supporting the government’s vision for Defence in a competitive age is a vast undertaking. Technology leaders must prepare the ground today to defend against constantly changing threats, while safeguarding all in-flight operations.

No other sector deals with digital transformation across such a volatile network of geophysical, socio-political, professional and supply chain variables. IT change and solutions architecture must be cost-effective, robust, agile, accessible, and fully compatible across Single Services and global NATO partners.

IT legacies, budgetary constraints, fast-moving personnel, and evolving cyber threats all make the environment especially challenging. But success is imperative to safeguard the future of our nation.

Scalable, sustainable IT transformation delivered by Defence technology experts.

We offer a unique blend of Defence sector expertise and cross-industry experience. We combine our technical and advisory skills with your own to tackle digital change head-on. Our independent expertise and partnership approach provide strategic and operational continuity along the roadmap, ensuring:

  • Cost and operational efficiencies: with best value solutions, economies of scale, and local and global compatibility.
  • Future-proofed Defence: equipping forces with the technology innovations they need to respond rapidly to evolving warfare and cyber threats.
  • Strategic intelligence: aligning IT change to governmental policy, local and global environments, and the diverse skills and requirements of force professionals.

Our expert services in Defence IT change will help you:

  • Safeguard budgets and resources: sourcing value for money solutions at scale, optimising operating models, and streamlining service management.
  • Comply with governmental policy: delivering digital transformation in the wider contexts of Integrated Force 2030 and net zero 2050.
  • Eliminate stubborn legacies: implementing transformation architecture, sourcing, negotiation, and onboarding strategies to exit end of life technologies and outdated contracts while protecting ongoing operations.
  • Prepare for future warfare: through critical cyber security solutions, robust data maturity and classification protocols, and innovations fit to respond to tomorrow’s emerging threats.
  • Give forces what they need: rolling out infrastructure, hardware and software that works seamlessly across all partners, territories, environments, legislations, classifications, and IT skill levels.
  • Ensure sustainability: providing stable, reliable support to ensure knowledge and skills transfer and continuity in a fast-moving professional environment.

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“The challenges of shoring up IT infrastructure to serve the needs of our modern forces are many and complex. That’s why Mason Advisory ensures that our Defence IT transformation specialists have direct professional experience of how the sector works, and the unique environment that its IT leaders operate in. It equips us to understand exactly what is needed, from day one, and align our digital, data and technology change strategies to the unique roadmap that lies ahead.”

Martin Lunt, Managing Director, Public Sector, Mason Advisory