Membership & Professional Bodies

IT is transforming the way people collaborate, interact and, more importantly, how they define their sense of belonging. At Mason Advisory we understand the complex challenges facing institutes, associations, and professional bodies.

When finances are tight it’s more imperative than ever that you to deliver compelling value to your membership. Great programmes, conferences and newsletters are no longer enough to ensure the long-term sustainable growth of your organisation Retaining and growing membership in the digital age demands a new kind of organisation. We call it… The Digital Association

The Digital Association is defined by the way it interacts with its current and prospective members. Your information Technology is no longer confined to supporting your day-to-day operations; it’s at the very core of defining new ways for members to connect, collaborate, and extract maximum value from belonging. 


Retaining and growing your membership 

Your members are the lifeblood of your organisation. In a world that is constantly competing for attention you need to find new ways to reach out to those who aren’t yet members, and offer a compelling engagement model that will keep your current members hooked in. From advanced analytics that you allow efficiently target prospective members, to compelling digital engagement, we can help you establish the platforms that will preserve and grow your membership. 

Increasing participation and engagement 

Membership of your organisation should be more than transactional.  Members get most out of belonging when they are actively engaged and participating in events and training or working alongside you to promote the cause.  With shorter attention spans and greater competition for time, membership organisations are having to deliver new ways to connect with their membership and deliver vibrant and dynamic collaboration platforms. We can help you define your digital strategy and breakthrough the limitations of your legacy IT estate. 

Enhancing your value proposition 

“How can we best promote our cause?” and “What’s in it for our members?”. They’re the questions that are front and centre for establishing your value proposition. Your organisation will live or die by its ability to deliver value to the people it serves. Creating connections, deriving insights from data, and creating seamless interactions are crucial to enhancing your value. But is it possible to enhance your value proposition without spiralling costs? At Mason Advisory we have a track record of helping organisations to rationalise their IT costs whilst at the same time delivering on digital transformations that revolutionise their value proposition 

Data and security 

Your members trust you with their data. Barely a day goes past when you don’t read of an IT threat or significant data breach. The reputational damage to an organisation and the consequences to its members can be devastating, but too many membership organisations are well behind the curve with their business continuity and data security plans.  We can help you to understand the flow of data through your processes and technology and ensure that you have the right platforms and capabilities in place to protect your data and your members.