From energy distribution and grid management to water supply and treatment or infrastructure maintenance, IT plays a vital role in optimising processes, streamlining workflows, and ensuring reliable and sustainable services.

Utilities form the backbone of modern society and amidst a challenging cost of living crisis, stand at the forefront of essential services. Embracing IT becomes even more crucial in this context and can be the catalyst to fuel efficient delivery, enabling and driving sustainability to reduce economical pressure against providers and consumers alike.

With data at the heart of the utilities industry, tangible benefits of information sharing can drive insight and inform decisions.  Whether it be enabling customers to access real-time data to track consumption and make informed decisions to reduce cost or creating solutions to allow providers to utilise smart grids to enhance reliability and reducing wastage, Mason Advisory understands how IT can truly allow the ongoing development and transformation of utilities into efficient, customer-centric ecosystems, fostering sustainability and improving quality of life for all.


Under Threat: Protection and Resilience

In today’s digital age, the threat of cyber-attacks is a real concern for all businesses, including the utilities industries. Research shows that the UK’s energy sector is one of the most targeted industries by cyber criminals, which highlights the importance for companies to implement robust cyber protection to secure their networks and critical data assets.

Consistent delivery of uninterruptible services

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your business from the unexpected. With Mason Advisory’s expert Business Continuity Planning Services, you can fully prepare your organisation to cope in the event of a disruption or unexpected crisis.
Whether it’s extreme weather events, cyber security threats, or unforeseen disruptions, we recognise the level of criticality your services provide to your customers; So, it has never been more important to be prepared to respond quickly and effectively and therefore minimise the impact on your customers and your business.

Maximising cloud offerings

Utilities deal with a vast amount of critical information, including customer data, infrastructure details, and operational insights that may lead to other areas of livelihood, such as law enforcement, financial protections and more. Entrusting this data to cloud service providers introduces concerns regarding data security, privacy, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Pressures faced by customers of the modern age and cost of living crisis

In the current client, the ability for the utilities industry to meet the demands of evolving customer expectations is harder than ever before. Customers now demand transparent billing and available information to intervene on their spend, personalised and interactive experiences, and the ability to self-service what they consume. With pressures heightening on providers, utilities must adapt their systems and processes to deliver real-time information, energy usage insights, and flexible payment methods. This paired with a growing demand to exceed sustainability goals by offering renewable energy options are also essential to align with customer values.

What has not changed is the expectation of providers maintaining reliable and uninterrupted services, whilst technology progresses this cannot be achieved without transformation. By investing in customer-centric technologies, enhancing communication channels, and prioritising customer satisfaction, utilities can meet these challenges and build stronger relationships with their customers.