Addressing the technology skills shortage in the legal industry

Darren Hart


November 2022

key fact

Technology skills in the legal industry are scarce and hard to retain. How can you attract and retain the right talent, enhancing your ability to deliver your firm’s desired digital outcomes

The challenge

Demand for technology skills in the legal industry is increasing rapidly with specialists being sought to deliver and support critical digital capabilities that firms must provide for their clients.

According to industry research, over 70% of legal firms are experiencing technical skills shortages this year with cyber, data and solution development skills being the scarcest. Legal firms are grappling with the challenge of both how to attract the right talent and then, how to keep it.

Legal firms have historically operated using traditional approaches for delivery and are often perceived as ‘old fashioned’. Continued use of these approaches will slow down digital transformation and put off potential candidates from applying.

Implementing the right delivery approaches, operating model, reward structure, career paths and sourcing model for your technology team is critical to both attracting and retaining the required skills.

Our solutions

We work closely with business and technology leadership teams, to establish optimised delivery models for the provision of technology services to the firm, including where required, technology centres of excellence, method and approach evolution and shared service centre development.

We can define and implement organisational transformation via organisation maturity assessments, identifying the capabilities and skills required within the future organisation, creating technology career frameworks, renumeration models. By developing a people and resource sourcing strategy, we can even help find and engage the right recruitment partner(s) for the skills you require.

We are aware of the scale of digital transformation that is needed in the legal industry. And believe our experience and solutions will help you to embed the right technical skills into your technology teams and enable your change outcomes to be delivered more effectively as your organisation develops.

If you would like further details on addressing the technology skills shortage in the legal industry or any of our other legal industry propositions, please visit the Legal Industry section of our website or contact us to discuss further.

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