Membership in the Digital Age: Navigating challenges for membership growth with modern technology insight

Alan Capewell


December 2023

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The digital association is pivotal for professional bodies and memberships, integrating modern technologies strategically to meet customer demands. It prioritises a user-centric approach and recognises the multi-layered nature of digital, ensuring sustained relevance in the evolving landscape.

When finances are tight it’s more imperative than ever that you deliver compelling value to your membership. However, great programmes, conferences and newsletters are no longer enough to ensure the long-term sustainable growth of your organisation. The modern world is changing at a pace never seen before. A new generation of digitally empowered citizens are finding new ways to connect and different spaces in which they belong.

For professional bodies and membership organisations the core challenges remain the same:

  • How do we attract and retain members?
  • How do we get them more deeply engaged and involved?
  • How can we best represent our profession or cause in a way that makes a difference?

Increasingly though, the answers to those questions hinge on your ability to exploit digital channels and derive value from your data sources.  For many organisations however, the underlying technology foundations present a barrier to achieving the kind of digital transformation that will propel you into the digital age.  Worse still there are too many software and technology companies willing to sell you their next greatest CRM or event management technology without addressing those underlying barriers.

At Mason Advisory we’ve been assisting organisations like yours in establishing the right foundations and making informed decisions about software and technology purchases from a truly independent viewpoint. In this series of insight articles some of our leading consultants will provide expert insights into some of the key challenges for professional bodies and membership organisations in the digital age:

Insight 1 – Technology

Many organisations have evolved over a number of years, but the pace of technology evolution has outstripped their ability to stay on top. Andy Brown will take a look at the challenges presented by ageing legacy technology and show how modern approaches and platforms can provide a firm foundation for your organisation’s future.

Read the full article – Laying the Technology Foundation for a Digital Association

Insight 2 – Security

Membership organisations, by their very nature, hold vast amounts of data about people, and the consequences of that data leaking from your organisation can be catastrophic. Reka Pecsi will examine the threats and provide insight on how you can keep your data secure.

Read the full article – Keeping your data safe from security threats

Insight 3 – Data

Many organisations have realised that their data is more than just a functional necessity, it is the lifeblood of insight and predictive learning.  Tom Poundall will share some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to extracting value from your data assets

Read the full article – How to unleash the power of data with knowledge & insights

Insight 4 – Digital Experience

If you want to attract the next generation of members then it is vital that you engage in ways that are highly connected, visual and have low inertia. Dave Murton will walk you through some of the key technologies that are diving interaction in a rapidly changing world.

Read the full article – Crafting a digital experience to attract and retain the next generation

We hope you find this series informative and helpful. If you’d like more information or help on your journey to the Digital Association, email to discuss further.

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