London Marathon 2022 - Supporting the NSPCC & Brain Research UK


October 2022

Sunday 2 October saw some of our colleagues bravely running the 42nd annual London Marathon

We would like to congratulate our colleagues Jon De’Ath and Sophia Syed who took part in the 2022 London Marathon. Their chosen charities were the NSPCC and Brain Research UK.  They have currently raised a combed total of over £6,000 for these amazing charities. Donations like these are vital in supporting children to live a safe life away from cruelty and abuse and for Brain Research UK, the funding is currently focused on three priority research areas: brain tumours, brain and spinal cord injury, and headache and facial pain.

Jon De’Ath said “I am grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in such a fantastic event and to raise funds for such a critical and worthy cause. The support I received before and during the event and people’s extremely kind donations have been incredible and it is great to have made a contribution to NSPCC’s mission whilst enjoying an experience I will never forget”.

Sophia also agrees and said “I’m immensely grateful to everyone who supported me, and Brain Research UK with their kind donations of over £3500. Strangers as well as friends played a part in getting me to the finish line. It was worth a lost toenail, or three”.

Both Sophia and Jon’s donation pages will remain open until 31tst October, see links below: