Mason Advisory are taking on the 2.6 Challenge to support the Charity sector


April 2020

The London Marathon which raised over raised £66.4 million in 2019, has been postponed, impacting 1000’s of charities. Help is needed urgently!

I’m sure you’ve read recently that due to the result of COVID-19 the charity sector has been decimated.  The London Marathon alone (26 miles), which was due to happen on Sun 26th April, and raised £66.4 million in 2019 has been postponed, so that’s a major impact to 1000’s of charities.

The 2.6 challenge, created by London Marathon Events, The Great Run Company, Human Race and parkrun – is designed for people to take part in activities based around the numbers 2.6 or 26 and raise money for as many charities as possible.  All details about the challenge can be found here.

We as a company are getting as many of our staff as possible to get involved in the challenge, they don’t have to be a marathon runner to take part either, a few examples of the challenges our team are undertaking at home:

  • 2.6 or 26 miles/run walk
  • Shooting basketball and netball hoops
  • Yoga
  • Lego stacking
  • Running the stairs at home
  • Push-ups/Sit-ups and Press-ups
  • Walk/Run with the family/pets
  • Skipping
  • Handstands
  • Cartwheels

Anyone can get involved including the kids and pets.  At the same time as helping the charities, it can also help with the wellbeing of people while working/isolating at home.   The charities really need support, as many are in danger of going out of business and even the biggest, like Cancer Research UK has said that there is so much uncertainty with their funding that they can’t fund the hundreds of small companies they support to find cures for cancer.

We also know that people are already being generous with their time and support of NHS, Food Banks, and all the other immediate challenges but every little counts.

If you would like to support us, click on the link 2.6 Challenge.  You can donate as much or a little as you like because every penny counts.

Hopefully, once the team has done their challenges, we might put a short video of a few of the challenges people have undertaken – watch this space!!!

Stay Safe and thank you.

Good Luck to anyone taking on this challenge and if you would like to get involved this weekend, full details can be found here.