Mason Advisory demystifies the foundational aspects of effective Service Management


July 2020

Getting Service Management to work for you. Mason Advisory provides clarity on the crucial foundational aspects of effective Service Management

Mason Advisory has created a series of articles on the foundational practices for providing effective Service Management; basic practices which are commonly overlooked or misunderstood. To view the articles, click on the links below:

To view the articles, click on the links below:

Article 1 – Navigating how to “get things done” within organisations. It’s time to simplify!

Organisations typically place the onus on their people to navigate their organisation’s various service teams to “get things done”. This can drain productivity and impact morale. Creating clear and simple engagement methods across the enterprise can significantly improve effectiveness.

Article 2What is an IT Service? The 7 categories

A well architected, clear and concise Service Catalogue will take the relationship with both your consumers (those that use your services) and customers (those that pay for them) to the next level. Understanding how to identify a genuine IT Service and the different types, is critical in being able to provide value to customers.

Article 3 What’s in your shop window

Are your customers clear on the services your team offer? Identifying the services that an internal team offers, such as IT, can be a minefield. Presenting these services clearly and effectively is a key component to providing great service.

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