Mason Advisory is taking on another virtual 'Big Team Challenge' - Around the World


June 2022

The Big Team Challenge is designed for everyone, regardless of physical ability, age, geography or computer literacy.

In another attempt to encourage staff to stay physically active and support their mental health, we have taken on another  ‘The Big Team Challenge‘!

This year we are walking the length of the equator in 9 weeks in a completely jovial and non-competitive way. The 10 teams of seven will be aiming to get their kicks by walking, running or cycling all 40,075.0 km around the world.

The 10 teams are below

As well as being great for the team’s wellbeing, it will also keep us active.  It’s a great challenge as all the team can participate and it doesn’t matter how fit you are – we all walk! The teams real-world physical activities are mapped onto a virtual route and the team’s goal is to reach the end of the route by the time the challenge ends. As the team track their activity, they will progress along the virtual route. A map will show them where they are along the route, and the leader board will allow them to see all the different team’s rankings.

Good Luck to everyone involved!