Matthew Fountain joins the Young MCA Council as Mason Advisory's representative


November 2020

The Young MCA is a professional network for those starting a career in management consultancy. Throughout the year the group hosts events and networking and development sessions for consultants with 0-5 years of consulting experience from MCA member firms.

Congratulations to Matthew Fountain in his new role as Mason Advisory’s representative on the Young MCA Council for the Management Consultancies Association.

Matthew said “The value that the Young MCA delivers for the consulting industry is huge, it enables the next generation of future leaders the opportunity to shape the world they will operate in for many years to come.

I feel incredibly lucky to be given this opportunity drive to Mason Advisory’s engagement with the Young MCA. We have an ever-growing team of colleagues who may be at the start of their consulting careers, but are still incredibly experienced.

I am excited to understand how we can engage, enhance, and help drive progress across all of the Council’s key workstreams.”

The Young MCA key goals are:

  • to be the voice of young consultants in the consulting industry
  • to enhance the development of young consultants through innovative and engaging events
  • to provide key networking opportunities across the UK
  • to increase awareness of the consultancy profession to school leavers and undergraduates
  • to leverage our time, skills, and experience to help others and be socially responsible

The MCA have strong relationships with several business schools and universities. Members of the Young MCA also get involved with various university engagements across the UK appearing regularly on panels to promote consulting as a profession, to students interested in future career opportunities in the industry.

The network also provides opportunities for consultants to get involved with corporate social responsibility work with teams built across the MCA’s member firms. With over 150 hours of volunteered time on projects to date, the young consultants provide valuable improvements and advice to non-profits. while networking with peers, and developing their own skills.