Are you attending Critical Communications MENA 2018?

Nick Smye, Principal Consultant at Mason Advisory, will be involved in the ‘Masterclass: Smart Cities’ session at Critical Communications MENA 2018 in Dubai, speaking on ‘ Smart city control – SCADA & IoT’.

Nick’s presentation will look at the concepts of smart cities and explain how SCADA and the Internet of Things (IoT) play their part. It will give an overview of new wireless technologies that are shaping the IoT revolution as well as considering some typical applications being used in the MENA region.

Nick’s presentation:  Sunday 23 September at 11:30.

Event details:            ‘Masterclass: Smart Cities’, Critical Communications MENA 2018

Start date/time:         10:00, 23 September 2018
End date/time:          16:00, 25 September 2018
Venue:                        Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

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If you would like a copy of the presentation (after the event) or to speak to Nick please email