Watch On Demand – Advanced Persistent Intelligence: How Only Relevant Knowledge will Enable Proactive Defense

Graeme Park, Senior Cybersecurity Consultant recently took part in an Info Security webinar with a number of speakers.  The webinar was titled ‘Advanced Persistent Intelligence: How Only Relevant Knowledge will Enable Proactive Defense’.  If you would like to watch the webinar on demand click here to take you directly to the information security website.

The webinar discussed how threats are increasingly orchestrated to target specific organizations, industries, and technologies, placing much greater emphasis on being able to understand the mind and methods of an attacker.

Gathering and applying relevant intelligence has never been more important, but with so much threat data and so little context available, how is it possible to be confident that you will know and understand the risks that you face, and can proactively defend against them? In this webinar, it explained what you can learn by gathering data from varied sources to uncover threat intelligence that’s truly relevant to you.

Key Takeaways were:

  • What combination of factors can result in relevant intelligence?
  • Get examples of how threats target particular industries or technologies
  • How can intelligence be applied for proactive defence?
  • How to get the best actionable data from your logs

If you would like to speak to Graeme Park, please email contact@masonadvisory.com 

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