New white paper launched to encourage joined up thinking between IT and businesses

Joining the dots - value chain mapping

Mason Advisory has just launched its latest white paper, which is available to download, looking at using value chain mapping to understand the links between IT and the business. Author Jon De’Ath – a Managing Consultant at Mason Advisory – explained that the white paper is aimed at demonstrating the criticality and relevance of IT to the rest of the business.

“Often, IT departments work in isolation from the end products and value that are being delivered by the business – and sometimes they’re actively bypassed by management looking for quick, off-the-shelf solutions. This white paper is about mapping the links between IT and business outcomes, and using that process to improve decision making and investment,” he explained.

The paper is aimed at IT leadership teams and anyone interested in ensuring that IT can fully support business objectives. The paper aims to:

  • help demonstrate the criticality and relevance of IT to the business
  • explain how to identify and visually present links between IT and business outcomes
  • highlight key considerations when undertaking value chain mapping in your business.


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