Read our latest insight on scaling digital service to transform healthcare delivery


October 2023

Scaling digital services to transform healthcare delivery has the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes, increase access to healthcare, and reduce costs.

In our latest insight article, Paul Fountain-Edgar – Head of Health and Social Care, discusses how Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) are revolutionising healthcare and explores the transformative possibilities!

🌟 What’s Inside:

  • ICSs and their role in healthcare transformation.
  • Benefits of standardised Digital, Data, and Technology (DDaT) services.
  • Collaborative opportunities for Chief Information Officers (CIOs).
  • Key areas for digital improvement, including disaster recovery, cloud computing, user-centric solutions, service optimisation, and finance management.
  • The importance of scalability and secure technology infrastructure.
  • The path to delivering value to end-users.

If you’re part of an Integrated Care System, discover how you can optimise patient care, ensure clinical service availability, enhance data access, achieve clinical excellence, and scale your services efficiently.

Learn how Mason Advisory partners with healthcare providers to harness digital innovation for superior performance and financial benefits.

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