Architecture & Technology

Developing strategies, designs and technical roadmaps to help you create innovative, resilient IT software, systems and services.

The IT market can be fast changing and complex, with a wide variety of technologies, solutions and vendors to track and understand. Mason Advisory has the experience and skills to develop relevant IT strategies, appropriate technical designs and realisable roadmaps that build innovative architectures for your organisation’s IT estate.

We specialise in the leading technologies and can help IT leadership teams to optimise their existing investments.


The integration of cloud opportunities (software/platform/infrastructure as a service) offers improvements in technical and financial flexibility for organisations. Understanding these opportunities at an architectural level is essential to enable effective integration, adoption and utilisation. Mason Advisory has extensive experience in supporting architectural design activity to help IT teams take advantage of the full range of cloud services.

Application architecture

From a technical and functional perspective, IT teams must develop integrated application roadmaps and adopt effective life-cycle management. This allows organisations to get the most from their IT investments and ensures that the business has the systems it needs to operate effectively. Mason Advisory works with the IT management team, using tools such as the ‘invest, tolerate, eliminate, or migrate’ (ITEM) criteria to develop a clear architectural blueprint, which enables them to establish sound investment plans.

Platform and infrastructure architecture

There is an increasing focus in the market on using extended platform offerings that enable the adoption of whole suites of software. IT leadership teams have to guard against the risk of lock-in that this entails while also ensuring that existing investments are maximised. Mason Advisory works to understand the platform and infrastructure demands placed on the IT infrastructure, and to explore and exploit technologies available to the IT organisation.

Information and integration architecture

Exploiting information assets and enabling effective working across systems is a critical challenge facing most IT organisations. This is exacerbated by the use of cloud-based solutions and the need to maintain effective identity and access management. Mason Advisory has extensive experience in the design of integration platforms and the production of logical data models and workflows to enable IT teams to address integration and information management. We combine strong business analysis skills with in-depth knowledge of integration tools such as Tibco and Documentum.

Security architecture

Corporate accountability for data security stretches all the way to the top, and organisations need to adopt a risk-based security architecture. Greater collaboration and SaaS adoption have put greater focus on the security of applications and information assets, and increasingly organisations are turning to a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) role to reshape their approaches. Through internal specialists and relevant partnerships with security organisations, Mason Advisory offers a comprehensive architecture service that extends to assessing existing architecture and tools.

Specialist technology support

Over 20 years we have developed specialist skills in a number of areas, allowing us to advise on technology and product selection, as well as interoperability planning. Our expertise includes:

  • Data centre infrastructure, optimisation, and migration
  • Voice and data networks and services
  • Desktop estates and mobility
  • Wireless communications
  • Radio coverage design and frequency planning
  • Control rooms, including ICCS and CAD.

This knowledge allows us to assist with detailed design development and evaluation of supplier solutions, through to migration planning and transition support.


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