Developing IT strategies, designs and technical roadmaps to drive innovation and align IT with the business.

Organisations rely on technology to transform the way they work and the services they offer to their customers, but they operate in a complex and changing environment: having to navigate between a running a legacy and complex existing environment and the need for innovation, adaptibility and evolution.

Mason Advisory supports transformation and efficiency programmes by providing an experienced, pragmatic and logical approach across all areas and technologies, embracing both the challenges of the legacy environment and new and emerging technologies and industry trends.

Through our architecture services we bring our experience and methodologies to help leadership teams optimise their existing investments and get the best from the technology market.

Service Offerings

Enterprise architecture

Understanding your existing services landscape and dependencies is essential when it comes to supporting all aspects of an efficient IT environment. An enterprise architecture practice enables you to apply architectural principles and best practice, as well as developing and maintaining the current architectural landscape. At Mason Advisory, our EAs use industry-recognised methodologies and their extensive experience from the IT industry. Current IT environments are heterogeneous by nature, and our experienced EAs understand multiple platforms, including distributed systems, cloud and traditional environments.

Mason Advisory can support all aspects of EA from defining and embedding an EA capability into an organisation, through to helping organisations understand their key business and IT services and systems through the development of EA maps and tools.

Cloud, hosting & technology

The integration of cloud opportunities (software/platform/infrastructure as a service) offers improvements in technical and financial flexibility for organisations. Understanding these opportunities at an architectural level, as well as assessing what is realistic and achievable, is essential to enabling effective integration, adoption and utilisation. Mason Advisory has extensive experience in supporting architectural design activity to help IT teams take advantage of the full range of cloud services, while also ensuring that existing investments are maximised.

Mason Advisory will help develop the technology roadmaps for areas such as end-user computing, infrastructure, hosting and platforms, optimisation, rationalisation and migration, and will support and advise on the decision between technology vendors, infrastructure and/or application fit, implementation and operations assurance.

Digital transformation

Digital is now a core part of an organisation’s thinking; and a key driver of change and growth. Mason Advisory can support organisations from vision through to digital objectives and strategy, aligning the markets and client requirements with the right technology.

Application optimisation

Organisations need to be able to get the most from their IT investments, while ensuring the business has the systems it needs to operate effectively. This means, from a technical and functional perspective, IT teams must develop integrated application roadmaps that help manage the life cycle effectively, while making sound investment plans for the future. Mason Advisory understand the challenges of changing legacy landscapes, and uses our standard methodologies to remove duplication and complexity.

Specialist technology support

For over twenty years we have been developing specialist skills in a number of areas, allowing us to advise on technology and product selection, as well as interoperability planning. Our expertise includes:

  • Data centre infrastructure, optimisation, and migration
  • Voice and data networks and services
  • Desktop estates and mobility
  • Wireless communications
  • Radio coverage design and frequency planning
  • Control rooms, including ICCS and CAD.

This knowledge allows us to assist with detailed design development and evaluation of supplier solutions, through to migration planning and transition support.


We understand the importance of an organisation’s Security and Cyber Security obligations and requirements. Our experience enables us to work with clients to identify their security needs across all areas, aligning with security frameworks, or work with the organisation to identify which framework and controls are relevant and where the organisation needs to be.