Helping organisations to understand the business impact of their cybersecurity risks

Security is a top priority for leadership teams, but it’s also an area where executives can struggle to translate the technical issues into business impact. Mason Advisory helps organisations to make better decisions about information and cybersecurity risk, by providing them with the expertise they need, in a form they understand. Those decisions are crucial in protecting the data, income and reputation of businesses.

How do I align my cybersecurity strategy and operating model? We will work with you to clearly define your business risks and threats, and the information assets they affect. We will then support you in developing and applying a detailed operating model that meets the specific nature of your cybersecurity demand and ensures that effort and investment is focused in the right places.

As a result, you will be confident that your cybersecurity strategy and operating model is aligned to both your corporate strategy and your specific risks, and that the right people, processes and tools are in place to support your cybersecurity needs.

How can I quickly understand and take control of my cybersecurity health? Using our security assessment framework, aligned to industry standards including ISO 27001, we will work with your teams to produce a rapid, practical and pragmatic assessment of your areas of cybersecurity risk, including key remediation steps where appropriate.

This means you will have absolute clarity of your current cybersecurity health, with a board-level report based around a maturity assessment heat map that clearly identifies your areas of greatest cybersecurity risk, plus additional future-proofing indicators for consideration.

How do I protect my data? We will act as a ‘critical friend’ during the scoping, initiation or delivery stages of IT and cybersecurity programmes, helping you to decipher complex cybersecurity challenges, providing expert input into your governance, and reviewing your security strategy to ensure the balance between cost, functionality and risk is maintained. We will provide best-practice information security assurance, translating between technical and business risks and requirements.

What infrastructure controls do I need? We will help you assess your IT services for potential vulnerabilities and risks, translating technical issues into clearly understandable business risks and impact. We will then help you to create and deliver remediation plans which balance cost, functionality and risk appropriately. As a result, you can be confident in the level of security and use of controls within your IT services.

How do I ensure my cloud usage is secure? We will provide best-practice advice on your cloud security strategy, help you assess the overall security risks of cloud usage, and identify opportunities to leverage cloud services that will improve your cybersecurity state.

How do I manage risks during a merger, sale or acquisition? Where IT services are gained or divested through mergers, acquisitions and sales, we will help you assess the people, process and technology risks in those new services. We will work with you to understand cybersecurity issues and assessment results in terms of business impact, and then support remediation plans.

As a result, you will have greater clarity and confidence in the level of cybersecurity and use of controls within M&A target IT services, or the resulting services after a divestment.

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