IT Delivery

Advising you on the best possible IT delivery programmes and approaches, leaving your in-house staff to focus on what they do best.

Delivering high quality IT services – and demonstrating the value of those services to the business – is a core part of the IT department’s day-to-day role. Being able to call on external resources to manage and advise on IT delivery programmes can take away some of the burden of that work at the busiest times, and allows in-house staff to focus on business as usual activities, strategic delivery and improvement plans.

We also undertake IT delivery health check assessments (see Assurance)

Programme and project delivery

There are times when busy IT departments need external support to supplement their team. That might be extra resources for a major programme or a specialist project lead with experience of delivering a new technology. Mason Advisory provides experienced resources: from helping to shape business cases and implementation plans to managing complex programmes on a global basis.

Software development

While many companies have outsourced development of applications and use out-of-the-box software, there remains a need to be able to map and control integration and – for higher value applications – to execute the software development processes internally. We support organisations in establishing sound application and system development practices using professionals who have software development experience.

Service management

From maturity assessments through to the design of ITIL-compliant processes, Mason Advisory can help the IT organisation to improve its service management operation and performance. We have extensive experience in working with IT leadership teams to shape service management functions, operations and service tool strategies, and support the development of service integration and management (SIAM) operations and transformation programmes.

Portfolio planning and investment

With tighter budgets and an increasing need to deliver – and demonstrate – value from investments, it is essential that IT organisations implement effective portfolio management. We advise on the development of IT transformation and portfolio programmes, establishing process and developing plans for mapping portfolio priorities, project dependencies, resource planning and investments plans to carefully accommodate project-specific funding and ongoing IT refresh.

Business management

The IT organisation is an enterprise in itself and must therefore run its activities as a business. We help IT organisations to set up effective governance and ways of working to cover key areas such as:

  • resource planning
  • methods and tools
  • budgeting
  • performance reporting
  • compliance and risk.

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