IT Strategy & Transformation

Realigning your IT strategy with your business vision by collaborating with both users and technical teams.

Organisations can’t perform properly when IT strategies are developed in isolation from the rest of the business. At Mason Advisory, we support clients in developing a detailed blueprint for IT delivery that moves away from ad-hoc, reactive services, to a truly ‘designed’ approach.

We have experience in supporting a wide range of organisations to transform their IT environments with strategic support.

IT strategy blueprint

We work with the senior management team to understand how the organisation works and what the business needs from IT in order to develop a full strategy or specific elements. This includes reference to:

  • Technology – application, infrastructure, information, integration, end user, tools, and security
  • Sourcing – outsourcing target models, eco-system best practice and insourcing
  • Service management – ITIL, operating model, SIAM and service improvement
  • Finance – TCO, investment; rationalisation, case for change ways of working – people development, Lean, Agile, and project and change management.

Value stream mapping

Getting IT performance and investment in line with the aims of the business is critical to ensuring IT adds value. Equally critical is the need to justify investment in getting the day-to-day tasks done, and supporting the prioritisation of precious resources. We help identify and illustrate how IT service components underpin business delivery.

Total cost of ownership (TCO)

It’s quite common in complex and fast-paced businesses not to have a full grip on IT costs. We work with clients to understand – and benchmark – the costs of services and projects, allowing the IT leadership team to make sensible sourcing decisions and reduce unit costs.

Information and integration

At a time when digital data is continuing to grow dramatically, there is an increasing recognition of the value of aggregating that information, and finding ways to release the value within it through new applications. Organisations need specialist help in accessing and integrating their information assets. Mason Advisory can provide support in data modelling and integration design as well as supporting the definition and selection of integration tools.


There’s been a shift towards completely off-site infrastructure and application services. In many cases, this drive towards cloud services comes from the business, which wants easy-to-buy storage or bespoke applications. Where cloud was once a strategic option, IT departments now need dedicated strategy for cloud. Mason Advisory advises on the cloud’s ability to transform operations, as well as helping to overcome the challenges, including security and identity access management; orchestration and usage management; and matching technologies and suppliers to an organisation’s needs.

Digital product strategy and enablement

Mason Advisory can help IT leadership teams to develop a digital product strategy in line with the business, while also supporting the underpinning IT needed to support digital products. Our support ranges from evaluating existing capability and identifying where investment will be required, to helping establish digitised product roadmaps.


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