Operating Model & Organisational Design

Helping technology organisations optimise how they operate and organise themselves – internally and in their external interactions – to deliver maximum value to customers.

Technology organisations are now a core component in enabling businesses to deliver their products and services to customers more efficiently and effectively. An integrated digital technology operating model and organisation design (OD) defines how the technology organisation can support both the business and external customers. There are key questions the operating model & OD seeks to answer.

  • How can I align digital and technology delivery to ensure we provide value to the business?
  • How can I be more responsive to changing business and market needs?
  • How much focus should I place on new technology services and innovation?
  • How mature is my technology organisation to deliver the services the business requires now and in the future?
  • Is my team suitably skilled and staffed to deliver excellent technology capabilities for the services we deliver today and the services we will need to deliver in the future?
  • What key external partners and services do I need to support the delivery, evolution, and innovation of technology services?
  • How can I optimise my technology costs?
  • How do I provide greater transparency of technology services to the business?

Service Offerings

Operating model

By working closely with business and technology leadership teams, we establish optimised delivery models for the provision of technology services to the business, including technology centres of excellence and shared service centre development.

Organisation design

Technology functions need to have the right resources and the right processes to be able to carry out their activities in a reliable, repeatable and efficient way. We define and implement organisation transformation including organisation maturity assessment, people/resourcing strategy development, identifying the capabilities and skills required within the future organisation, implementation and embedding organisation change. This can be a very sensitive issue, and we work to manage change and ensure that new ways of working are understood and embedded in the organisation’s fabric.

IT cost effectiveness

We work closely with organisations to identify cost inefficiencies and ineffectiveness within technology organisations, and to support financial optimisation, establish total cost of ownership, and deliver benchmarking. We have developed a strategic approach to immediate and sustainable cost reduction by providing insight into the right level of technology investment, by understanding major cost drivers, identifying cost inefficiencies and ineffectiveness, and improving technology return on investment.

Business performance management

Technology organisations need to measure and drive performance in order to hit strategic and operational targets. We work with organisations to identify performance measures; to capture, analyse and report on KPIs and metrics; and to define executive dashboards to enable data-driven decision making.

Technology in mergers, acquisitions and divestments

Technology is a major part of mergers, acquisitions (M&A) and divestment activity, with organisations needing to rationalise systems and infrastructure and provide transitional services. We provide support through IT due diligence; integration and separation strategies; and identifying the impact on technology operating models and Organisational Design.