Paving the way to informed decisions with effective due-diligence

Robust, thorough and trusted due-diligence is critical in unlocking actionable insights to support business deals, support commercial growth and underpin digital strategy success.  In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, data-driven decision making is critical to informing business strategy, growth and investment, or divestment.  

With the increasing dependence on technology, organisations must thoroughly assess risks, evaluate opportunities, and ensure compliance to safeguard their investments and partnerships. Now more than ever, comprehensive due diligence with digital expertise is paramount for businesses gain deeper insights into potential ventures. Combining technologies, commercial, operational and ways of working will allow organisations to have a holistic due-diligence understanding to assure venture opportunity assessment.


Obtaining market insight for opportunity assessments

When organisations are exploring expansion into new markets, partnerships, mergers, acquisitions/divestments or are facing regulatory enforced change, having a grasp of the market trends quickly is paramount before acting. Having a thorough understanding of what is happening across competition, or indeed target, will provide a clear view on high-level risks, implications and consequential change potentially required.  

Before undertaking such change, conducting a rapid market scan will provide the ability to navigate through uncertainties whilst converting the unknown to actionable events which are set up for success. 

How we can help

By combining our uniquely placed access to the market, benchmarking data and real-time trends insight we are able to conduct a thorough market scan relevant to your area of change to inform your opportunity assessment or enforced change.  

Gaining early insight to drive action

Organisations exploring new opportunities or partnerships pose challenges with limited data availability. Insufficient information hampers the assessment of risks, market viability, financial stability, and operational efficiency, resulting in difficulty making informed decisions and increasing uncertainty regarding potential risks. 

Before acting upon these areas of change, having access to early insight for your opportunity or partnership will allow you to have confidence in your assessment.

How we can help

Conducting the right level of early insight will pave the way for your opportunity assessment. Doing too little will hamper your risk to reward scale, doing too much may prevent action.  

Our early-insight approach allows combine market insight, industry best practice and our experience across technology, operations and people to support your decision making.  

Diligence to close the deal

To ensure the successful assessment and closure of any opportunity, applying focus to the intricate assessments of digital/technology landscapes, data management, contractual obligations, people and culture dynamics, and governance protocols will allow you to navigate and mitigate complexities

How we can help

For your pre-deal assessment, we recommend that you:  

  • Tailor evaluations encompassing digital/technology landscapes, data management, commercial viewpoints and asset assessments. 
  • Integrate rigorous assessments of contractual obligations, business plan alignments, and Transitional Service Agreements (TSAs) 
  • Comprehensive analyse people, culture, and organisational performance. 
  • Incorporate robust governance protocols, policies, procedures, and risk frameworks 
  • Ensure the delivery of actionable insights, metrics, KPIs, and performance benchmarks 
  • Thorough feasibility analysis of business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery (DR) strategies 

These integral components will support any pre-deal assessment.

Navigating IT Complexity in Mergers & Acquisitions 

Navigating the complex IT landscape in mergers and acquisitions is critical. It aids in managing system compatibility, data integration, and technology debt while revealing opportunities for value creation and overhead reduction.

How we can help

Our Holistic due diligence offering is perfectly suited to navigate the complexities of M&As. This comprehensive approach encompasses Solutions & Technical, Operational & Ways of Working, and Commercial & Financial aspects, ensuring seamless technological integration and value generation from the M&A process. Our approach extends to mapping IT findings to the business services of both entities, facilitating a clearer vision of potential synergies, cost savings, and value-added areas. 

Having confidence in your Transition Service Agreement 

Transition Service Agreement’s (TSA) are the gateway to ensuring a smooth operation during business iterations. Built to address services, data, security, quality and roles/responsibilities, TSA’s set clear boundaries to mitigate risks and maintain continuity whilst executing a transition.  

When planning and executing TSAs, organisations often find more surprises than they’d like, and this can risk daily delivery and well as successful transitions.

How we can help!

In our experience, a comprehensive independent assessment of TSAs can identify risks and bring mitigation before any impact to your transition occurs. Using our blend of commercial and technical acumen will also ensure value is optimised for the duration and achievement of the transition.

Unveiling Complexity in IT Infrastructure Landscape

Assessing your IT application and infrastructure landscape is vital for identifying technical debt and guiding strategic planning. Linking these insights with your business services reveals opportunities for optimisation and growth. 

How we can help

Our Solutions & Technical and Operational & Ways of Working offerings facilitate comprehensive reviews of your IT application and infrastructure landscape, evaluating associated technical debt, and highlighting areas for improvement. By correlating these insights with your business services, we can help you discern potential cost savings and efficiency gains. 

If you would like to find out how we can help you, contact us to find out more.