Mobile Broadband SIG Event


April 2017

'State of the Nation - Use cases for Public Safety' - Mobile Broadband SIG event

Nils Lofmark, Managing Consultant at Mason Advisory will be speaking at the Cambridge Wireless event titled ‘State of the Nation – Use cases for Public Safety’ Mobile Broadband SIG event.

As mobile networks evolve to address ever-increasing demands on capacity and performance, how will they adapt to support dedicated services for critical applications such as connected car and public safety?  At this event, the speakers will explore the different technologies, use cases that surround public safety and discuss the key aspects of a public safety network and critical dependencies on any technology deployed to meet the needs of such a network.

In one of the sessions, Nils will discuss ‘Mobile Broadband Applications for Public Safety – Opportunities and Challenges’ – which will consider the role of mobile technology in public safety operations, the potential opportunities presented by broadband capability, some of the challenges to successful deployment and adoption.


Start Date: 14:30 9th May 2017
End Date: 18:00 9th May 2017
Venue: Sepura PLC, 9000 Cambridge Research Park Beach Drive, Cambridge, CB25 9TL