Statement from Steve Watmough, CEO - Mason Advisory - (COVID-19)


March 2020

We are all looking at the challenges presented by COVID-19 and trying to make the most effective decisions based on rapidly changing information. In my business life I have experienced Black Monday in 1987, the burst of the dotcom bubble in 2000, the aftermath of the 911 attacks in 2001 and the financial crisis of 2008. This one feels different. Previously we were trying to predict how financial markets might recover from a major shock. This time we are dealing with a health-related challenge of unknown scale and unknown future impact.

The health of family, friends, colleagues and business partners is our primary concern. We are putting our trust in the advice we are given by official sources. Building upon recommendations from the Public Health England, Mason Advisory is proposing a flexible approach in the way we conduct our business.

Being a company with significant technology expertise you can be assured that we are well placed to conduct our business on a geographically independent basis if required. All our staff can operate from any location with internet access via fixed or 4G mobile services. Our position is being regularly assessed by our business continuity team, and employees are being updated on the situation and any relevant precautions to take in the interest of their own health, that of our clients and the general public.

Our Engagement Leads are working closely with our clients and making all efforts to keep up to date with the latest local guidance.

Furthermore, we are continually assessing our service provision to clients to ensure continuity in any event of further escalation, including isolation of employees and or office locations. We are also keeping some resources available to ensure substitution if any of the current resources assigned to projects become impacted.

This is a difficult time when we need to work together and support each other to minimise disruption. We are doing what we can to support our clients and partners across the supply chain. I’m very conscious that we will all need each other during this time and during the recovery period in the hopefully not too distant future.

We are willing to volunteer some of our resources time and knowledge to support our clients with the best advice we can give, with regards to how IT can help recover from the most impacted parts of the business. We are happy to share our collaboration infrastructure that supports remote communication and ways of working and if we can help in anyway please do contact us.

Please raise any concerns or questions to or call 0333 301 0093.

Steve Watmough