The MCA Announces new Vice Chair of Events


May 2021

The Management Consultancies Association (MCA) is the voice of the consulting industry and the representative body for the UK’s leading management consulting firms.

We are pleased to announce that Mason Advisory consultant Matthew Fountain, has been selected as Vice-Chair of Events for the Young MCA. Members of the Young MCA Council recently voted to nominate fellow young consultants for several Executive Committee positions. Commenting on his appointment Matthew said:

“I am really looking forward to getting started in the role and helping in the development in the Young MCA capability. My focus over the next two years will  be on maintaining the same high quality of events I have experienced to date, but will also look to broaden the scope across key items such as Diversity and Inclusion, Digital, and Economic, Social and Corporate Governance.”

The Young MCA is a professional network for consultants starting a career in management consultancy. For consultants with up to five-years’ consulting experience, the Young MCA hosts various events throughout the year, which is used to engage and develop networks.

Recent events have also included a virtual workshop on Social Mobility, and a session introducing Mental Fitness & Positive Intelligence for wellbeing at work. They also promote apprenticeships in consulting as a career path for young people, engaging with schools, colleges, and universities through events; something Matthew is a big supporter of having joined the industry via an apprenticeship himself, and with experience of championing STEM in schools.

Steve Watmough, Mason Advisory CEO says: “Matthew is an invaluable member of our consulting team and has been instrumental in steering various company iniatives through to fruition. His enthusiasm and genuine desire to promote innovation and growth within the consultancy sector make him a great fit for this role with the MCA.“

The Executive Committee is accountable to the Young MCA Council for the development and implementation of the Young MCA’s strategy and a driving voice in shaping the consulting industry. It is fully supported by the wider MCA board in ensuring consultancy remains an attractive industry for young talent, and its ability to retain that talent.

Matthew is looking forward to working alongside the Chair and Vice Chairs on the Executive Committee.


  • Be the voice of young consultants in the consulting industry
  • Enhance the development of young consultants through innovative and engaging events
  • Provide key networking opportunities across the UK
  • Increase awareness of the consultancy profession to school leavers and undergraduates
  • Leverage our time, skills, and experience to help others and be socially responsible

Further information on the Young MCA: