Great Place to Work: Centre of Excellence in Wellbeing


February 2019

We have been recognised by Great Place to Work ® as a Centre of Excellence in Wellbeing

We are extremely proud this month to be recognised by Great Place to Work® as a centre of Excellence in Wellbeing!

The new UK-wide award recognises organisations with excellent wellbeing practices. The accreditation tracks six key areas that drive a culture of wellbeing including, work environment mental and physical health, financial security, interpersonal relationships, work-life balance, and fulfilment at work.

We are continually investing and implementing improvements in all these areas to build a culture of wellbeing. This has optimised employee experience and ensures that engagement and productivity are sustainable in the long run. We have introduced a new scheme to enable staff to buy back five days extra holidays per year, and offer extra days off for time served. We have initiated flexible working and an enhanced benefits package including a cycle scheme, childcare vouchers, and additional bonuses.

Steve Watmough, our CEO, says: “We’re so proud to have received this recognition as wellbeing is a key element of our business culture. It tells our current and future employees that we are committed to creating the best environment we can for individuals to thrive and for our business to operate efficiently.

“We feel we have created an atmosphere where teammates can talk to people around them, where they are supported, and where everyone is comfortable expressing themselves.

“We’re in a period of growth with new projects and clients coming on board and we understand the pressures this can put on our team, so as a company we are continuing to listen to them and ensure their wellbeing is at the forefront.”

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