We reached our target for the Mental Health Foundation 'Tea & Talk'


November 2020

The MHF points out that mental health problems aren't just serious diagnosed conditions, they also include the worries we all experience as part of everyday life.

On Monday 02 November, Mason Advisory held a virtual ‘Tea & Talk’ call for all staff to have a break, reconnect with their colleagues and share experiences that are not work-related. The conversation was wide-ranging and offered a lot of laughs, covering squirrel infestations, baking, pandemic pets, and movie recommendations, to name a few.

As part of our wellbeing campaign, we are hoping to continue the Tea & Talk calls every two months and will also be looking to raise more vital funds for another charity throughout the year.

Sharing our funny stories resulted in raising over £360 through donations to date. Mason Advisory will be matching the final amount, which should take the money raised to at least £720 for the Mental Health Foundation.









Thank you to everyone who took part.