A CIO’s Guide to Brexit

What you can do now to prepare for the unknown......

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We know Brexit will impact IT products and services for many organisations, and for some of these, the impacts will be significant, driving the need for strategic changes, financial planning and re-evaluation of existing transformation plans.  This white paper offers practical advice on how to prepare for Brexit so you are to make informed decisions on upcoming transformational change, create realistic financial plans, contain costs and rapidly leverage the opportunities that will be presented.

Typical questions IT leaders are asking about Brexit are:

  • What will the impacts of Brexit be on our business and how will this translate into additional IT requirements?
  • What changes to legislation, tariffs and taxation will apply to the IT products and IT services we procure and provide?
  • Will there be new regulations we must comply with and will our existing EU regulatory compliance continue?
  • What changes will be made to the employment legislation for our UK and EU-based teams?
  • What changes will our IT service providers need to make and how will these be reflected in our commercial relationships?
  • What are the likely impacts on our data policies, IT security, cloud services and data centre locations?
  • How can I minimise the impacts and maximise any opportunities presented?
  • How long will my business have to implement any changes needed?
  • Is there really anything of value we can do now when the specifics of any changes are currently unknown?

If you would like to speak to Mark Smallwood regarding the white paper, please contact contact@masonadvisory.com 


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