Driving innovation in public-sector service delivery

How to encourage bright ideas that make the most of IT for services between citizen and state

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The demand for greater speed and more transparency in consumer service delivery is now expected from the public sector as well. Many public-sector organisations across the world are working towards the transition from paper-based, bureaucratic, top-down transactions to an Internet-based and digitally integrated service model. This provides new ways in which citizens can interact with the state, and should help to deliver cost savings for government in the longer term. But governments aren’t always best placed to generate the ideas needed to deliver these new technologies and ways of working.

In this white paper we look at how governments can generate a model for sustained innovation that can deliver fast, effective services to the public. Mason Advisory looks at examples of innovation around the world, and outlines a framework for encouraging new ideas through three key steps: a systemic approach, orchestration by co-creation, and building capacity. This means increasing the ability to generate innovative ideas by promoting entrepreneurship across a wider range of sectors; standardising existing and new services by using single-window, one-stop delivery channels; and encouraging use of these services by reaching out to the public and connecting with them on the channels they actively use.

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