Joining the dots

Using value chain mapping to understand the links between IT and the business

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Whether it’s a major financial institution, a multi-national life sciences organisation, or a government department, it’s difficult to find a single business process or customer interaction that is not touched in some way by technology. But many IT departments still struggle to establish effective partnerships with the business.

To be able to demonstrate criticality and relevance to the business, IT departments need to know where and how they are adding value to customers. This can be achieved by ‘joining the dots’ through value chain mapping. Objectives and priorities within IT are often vertically aligned to ‘service towers’ rather than being viewed across the enterprise. Building a clear understanding of how IT capabilities and services enable business outcomes provides a rich tool that will support strategy development, prioritisation, planning and decision making across a number of areas.

This white paper leads you through the four key steps that can be taken to map value chains, as well as explaining the critical success factors that will improve the chances of delivering an enduring impact rather than something that sits on the shelf.


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