Out-of-support OS?

In the public sector, is it really the end of the world if you’re still using Windows XP?

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Given the apocalyptic hype around Microsoft ending support for Windows XP and Office 2003, organisations could be forgiven for feeling that the risk has been overplayed. If IT operations are continuing without security breaches, then some organisations may have let the issue slip off the priority list. But in this white paper, Mason Advisory explains why heads of IT shouldn’t make this mistake.

Specifically, the white paper outlines the threat from using out-of-support systems, and explains the potential for new attacks from security researchers and hackers attempting to exploit vulnerabilities within the legacy software. It also looks at the limited impact of additional security measures given these threats.

The paper goes on to assess the commercial impact of running legacy operating systems, including additional support contracts. Having identified the challenges around legacy environments, it then looks at the issues around migration to a new operating system, as well as identifying the upside of migration (in addition to avoiding the risks already highlighted).

It ends by providing guidance on what organisations can do now to help mitigate the risks – although ultimately these are short-term sticking plasters for a pressing problem.

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