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A CIO’s Guide to Brexit

What you can do now to prepare for the unknown......

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  • Prepare – understanding your organisation’s exposure to Brexit is critical for making informed decisions and containing costs.
  • Implement – implementation of Brexit changes require a formalised project approach, managed by an experienced programme director with full C-Suite support.
  • Embed – check you haven’t overlooked any pieces of the jigsaw that will secure enterprise success post-Brexit. Properly embedding the people, process, and technology changes involved is essential.
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Securing the cloud

Considering a new model for managing risk

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  • Highlighting the impact of the move away from direct ownership of data
  • Explaining the subsequent changes required to security models
  • Working through five key questions that all businesses should consider when migrating to cloud-based services
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Joining the dots

Using value chain mapping to understand the links between IT and the business

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  • Helping to demonstrate the criticality and relevance of IT to the business
  • Showing how to identify and visually present links between IT and business outcome
  • Highlighting key considerations for value chain mapping in your business
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‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) – Inviting innovation or disaster?

What’s the best way to deal with ‘bring your own device’?

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  • Assessing the popularity of BYOD
  • Identifying the risks for businesses
  • Developing approaches to cope with use of personal devices in the workplace
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Police, camera, action!

Getting the best from body-worn video

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  • Explaining the technology behind BWV
  • Investigating the challenge of integrating BWV with the rest of your IT systems
  • Recommending how to approach BWV deployment
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Making police IT fit for the future

Putting IT at the heart of police organisations to improve crime-fighting while becoming more efficient and cost-effective

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  • The continued move away from paper-based systems
  • Cleansing, reconciling and more effectively managing police data
  • Supporting collaboration between both forces and departments