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Major incident management

Control room solutions providing a common operating picture for major incidents to support a better multi-agency response

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  • Understanding the pressures on the emergency services
  • Ensuring a co-ordinated response to incidents
  • Using technology to improve the common operating picture
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SecDevOps – Shifting security to the left

Organisations adopting DevOps can deliver security at speed – they just need to rethink their security model

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  • Security at speed
  • The CI/CD pipeline
  • Introducing security – pre-build
  • Securing the pre-build
  • Security runtime
  • Recommendations
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An organic approach to streamlining collaboration tools

Eliminating the confusion in real-time communications and collaboration

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  • So, what are the challenges?
  • Evolution of collaboration tools
  • So how do you prepare for the future?
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Is commercial 4G ready for Mission Critical Service?

Opportunities and challenges: entrusting critical communications to public mobile

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  • Cardinal requirements for mission-critical services
  • Big benefits of a CMTO
  • Building a business case for CMTO
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Transforming Blue-Light Comms

ESN puts high-speed data on the front line for a safer world

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  • What’s going to change?
  • How to prepare for ESN
  • Welcome to better, safer ways of working
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A CIO’s Guide to Brexit

What you can do now to prepare for the unknown?

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  • Prepare – understanding your organisation’s exposure to Brexit is critical for making informed decisions and containing costs.
  • Implement – implementation of Brexit changes require a formalised project approach, managed by an experienced programme director with full C-Suite support.
  • Embed – properly embedding the people, process, and technology changes involved is essential.