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SecDevOps – Shifting security to the left

Organisations adopting DevOps can deliver security at speed – they just need to rethink their security model

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  • Security at speed
  • The CI/CD pipeline
  • Introducing security – pre-build
  • Securing the pre-build
  • Security runtime
  • Recommendations
White paper

Demystifying the cloud

Understanding why cloud should be part of all businesses’ strategic thinking

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  • Unpicking what cloud really means
  • Outlining the benefits around resilience, scalability and cost reduction
  • Advising on how to assess if cloud will suit you and how to realise the benefits
White paper

Out-of-support OS?

In the public sector, is it really the end of the world if you’re still using Windows XP?

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  • Explaining why out-of-support OSs are still a problem in the public sector in particular
  • Looking at the risks of running legacy systems
  • Providing advice on how to mitigate the risks in the short term
White paper

Trends in public-safety networks

Blue-light services need to fall in line with the wider information society

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  • Outlining the requirement for mobile broadband in the public-safety space
  • Assessing the options for broadband services
  • Weighing up the pros and cons of private and public networks
White paper

Software as a service

Understanding your options

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  • Looking at the efficiencies delivered by ‘as-a-service’ delivery
  • Weighing up the risks and benefits of centralised applications
  • Understanding how to build a business case for SaaS