White paper

Transforming Blue-Light Comms

ESN puts high-speed data on the front line for a safer world

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  • What’s going to change?
  • How to prepare for ESN
  • Welcome to better, safer ways of working
White paper

Securing the cloud

Considering a new model for managing risk

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  • Highlighting the impact of the move away from direct ownership of data
  • Explaining the subsequent changes required to security models
  • Working through five key questions that all businesses should consider when migrating to cloud-based services
White paper

Driving innovation in public-sector service delivery

How to encourage bright ideas that make the most of IT for services between citizen and state

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  • Looking at the demand for consumer-style services from government
  • Assessing how new technology and process can transform services
  • Identifying ways to encourage IT innovation in public-sector delivery