it-service-management Service Management

Working in partnership with our clients to adapt and tailor their IT operations by bringing knowledge, experience and good practice to their IT service management function, providing tangible business value, and measurable success.

Mason Advisory work closely with our client’s internal IT teams to plan the approach, strategy, standards and policies, and to help achieve the internal buy-in and approvals.  Tailored design and build phases will be then mapped to match the maturity and complexity of the required change.

We assess IT capability gaps to improve collaboration between supplier ecosystems, and drive supplier service performance through Service Level Agreements (SLAs)/Operational Level Agreements (OLAs). We work with the client to establish robust governance frameworks, and develop unique KPIs resulting in greater service transparency, performance and value.

Mason Advisory use extensive ITIL3 and ITIL4 Service Management methodologies, acquired through experience with multiple companies and sectors, to coach the IT teams to become effective and self-reliant.

The core Mason Advisory Service Offerings include:

IT Capability & Skills

Mason Advisory can support our clients by ensuring that the internal and extended organisation is aligned with the IT service management operating model. We identify organisational, structural, process and capability gaps, working with the client to develop a rectification plan over time to resolve these vulnerabilities.

IT Service Excellence

The IT function must ensure that the delivered IT services not only provide the required business capabilities but that they are designed to adapt quickly in line with the evolving business needs. Mason Advisory can help IT teams gain insight into their customers’ needs, while understanding their own capabilities.

Service Governance & Reporting

Mason Advisory can support our clients by ensuring that all OLAs and Underpinning Contracts are appropriate: establishing a robust governance framework, developing KPIs across multiple suppliers, identifying meaningful performance and driving service transparency and value.

Service Management Automation

Mason Advisory can support our clients to understand what opportunities exist for service automation: plan and design achievable roadmaps, perform service automation readiness assessments, identify process areas to address, and on instruction, execute the plan to introduce the change in a controlled way to achieve the required outcomes.

Service Portfolio & Catalogue (Service Design)

Mason Advisory can support our clients by using proven methods to identify service components and map their relationship and dependencies to each other, improving the understanding of the operating environment and ensuring that the portfolio of offered services and their service levels are discrete, understood measured and easily consumed.

Service Strategy & Standards

Mason Advisory can support our clients to establish or adapt their current service strategy into one where appropriate ITSM (IT Service Management) principles can be benchmarked and improved. We work with organisations to define standards, policies and governance build a firm foundation and transition plan.

Supplier Management

Mason Advisory can support our clients to define, implement and manage SLAs/OLAs. Ensuring collaboration between supplier ecosystem and driving supplier service performance.