Service Management

Enabling clients to deliver business value through optimising and transforming their service operations

By offering access to our extensive experience and subject matter expertise, we assist clients in providing customer focused, cost effective and resilient services. This is founded in our knowledge of translating best practice frameworks such as ITIL, COBIT, CMMI, Agile, DevOps and ISO, into value-added ways of working.

Service Offerings

Transformation & optimisation services

Our Service Management consultants assist organisations in achieving service excellence by evaluating the challenges they face and establishing where improvements are needed. Using best practice frameworks, we break this down into the following areas:


In addition to delivering tangible changes that improve service, reduce cost and reduce risk, our key objective is to enable you to be self-sufficient, and to do so quickly and effectively. Our consultants perform a fast paced assessment of your problem areas (comparing against our best practice blueprints), and assist and coach your team to deliver and embed the agreed optimised solutions. This agile method negates the need for lengthy maturity assessments, and is proven to deliver tangible outcomes within weeks.


We share our years of hard-earned knowledge and real-world experience to help you achieve your goals. We know what goods looks like, understand the interdependencies between each Service Management practice, and offer optimal flexible ways to implement improvements. Combined with our repository of best practice benchmarking data, technology insights, designs, processes, and templates, our expertise accelerates benefits realisation. Our approachable consultants quickly understand and adapt to your organisation’s specific challenges to ensure a best-fit solution is delivered that is right for you.


While every organisation is different, typical benefits achieved are:

  • 10-30% reduction in IT support effort (more when utilising automation)
  • 50-80% reduction in time to resolve Incidents / fulfil Requests, thereby improving business productivity
  • Significant reduction in cost of enabling change and Incidents caused by change
  • Improved visibility & management of risk
  • A more engaged team, improving productivity & reducing staff turnover
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Cost transparency enabling leaders to make informed investment decisions.