Health & Social Care

The health and social care sector is under pressure to reduce waiting lists, promote efficiencies, and deliver integrated care. Technology is an essential driver to achieve these targets, but digital transformation across the sector is a significant challenge.

Supporting healthcare to deliver digital transformation at scale

Today’s NHS faces a competing mix of priorities and system-wide change. Recent impacts on waiting times, clinical resources and budgets have only made the challenges harder to solve.

Integrated Care Systems (ICS) create new opportunities for systemic transformation, promoting cost savings, collaboration, visibility and – ultimately – better patient care.

Digital transformation plays a vital role in tackling inefficiencies, improving processes, and harnessing new clinical solutions to support ‘What Good Looks Like’ in a modern healthcare service that works across ICS, but delivers locally.

To maximise the opportunities that an ICS brings, provider CIOs need the right support and approach to move away from immediate pressures and find ways to cooperate and coordinate across organisation boundaries to truly transform clinical delivery.

A straightforward, practical approach to complex digital transformation.

Mason Advisory offers decades of health and social care digital, service, and technology transformation experience from NHS provider up to national levels.

We understand the priorities that digital and technology leaders must deliver through IT change, whilst recognising the need to support the long-term goals of the organisation.

Across people, process, and technology, we bring clarity to the journey with practical, manageable transformation strategies focused on:

  • Collaboration: models and techniques to identify motives, shared objectives and goals across ICS and providers
  • Value for money: pragmatic solutions for optimising delivery at scale
  • Streamlined processes: freeing clinical resources to focus on patient care
  • The future of health and social care: laying the digital foundations for a seamlessly connected health and social care system.

Our health and social care digital transformation specialisms focus on reducing IT costs and risk, improving clinical user’s experience, and giving health workers back valuable time to focus on patient care. They include:

  • Sourcing and licensing: leveraging cost benefits and joining up data across Cloud, SaaS and licensed solutions.
  • IT infrastructure: seeing the whole picture to integrate systems and ensure critical business continuity.
  • Security operations: protecting systems, users, and patients against cyber threats with expertise aligned to NSCS and DSPT guidance.
  • Service desk and management: streamlining IT support effort, giving back valuable clinician time, and reducing risk.
  • End user devices: guiding underlying architecture for ease of use, leading complex transitions, and ensuring efficient user cantered support.
  • Digital disruption: preparing a stable foundation to harness tomorrow’s digital healthcare capabilities as they emerge.

“There is sometimes a risk with professional services that you don’t get the result or quality that you expected – but that’s not the case with Mason Advisory. I found them to be customer focused, ethical, responsible, and able to provide the required expertise at short notice. They have the customer’s interests at heart, whilst remaining independent within the delivery model”.

Director of Technology, NHS Healthcare Trust